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Do you wonder why few websites rank higher than others?

Well there is no coincidence with high ranking websites. There are many factors involved in ranking a website higher in search engines organically. The process of ranking websites organically is called ‘SEO'(search engine optimisation) which rather has a very complex description.

These are the few features of SEO:

On page optimisation

No matter how well your website looks it is just a piece of code to the search engines, so beauty of a website really doesn’t matter, on page optimisation makes sure the website has good relevant content which the readers are actually looking for.

Off page optimisation

After getting the first step right we need our website to shake hands with other websites, in other words we call it link building. Search engines like google determines the creditibility of your website by the website linking to your website, the more credible your link partners are the more you rank in search engines.

Page speed

This more like first come first serve process. If your website is really slow it can harm your rankings as it takes a fraction of second for google to decide what results to show, so you better be fast to answer.

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